Dogs are mammals that have experienced domestication from wolves since 15,000 years ago, possibly even 100,000 years ago based on genetic evidence in the form of fossil discoveries and DNA tests. Other studies reveal the recent history of dog domestication.

Dogs have developed into hundreds of breeds with many variations. Dog hair colors can range from white to black, as well as red, gray (often called "blue"), and brown. In addition, dogs have different types of hair. Dog hair can be straight or curly, and from a coarse texture to soft, woolen threads.

The science that studies everything about dogs is called kinology (from the ancient Greek κυνός, read kynόs, "dog" and λόγος, read lógos, "speech, reason").

New evidence suggests dogs were first domesticated in East Asia, possibly in China. The first humans to set foot in North America brought dogs from Asia with them. Genetic research has identified 14 ancient dog breeds, including the Chow Chow, Sharpei, Akita, Shiba and Basenji, which are the oldest dog breeds. The theory that dogs originated from Asia may be believed because most of the 14 ancient dog breeds came from China and Japan. 

Dogs are social animals just like humans. The closeness of the dog's behavior patterns with humans makes it possible to train dogs, be invited to play, live with humans, and be invited to socialize with humans and other dogs. Dogs have a unique position in inter-species relationships. The loyalty and devotion that dogs display is very similar to the human concept of love and friendship. Although it is a dog's natural instinct as a group animal, dog owners value the dog's loyalty and devotion and consider it a member of their own family. Even pet dogs are often given the same surname as the owner's name. In contrast, dogs perceive humans as members of their group. Dogs only slightly differentiate the position of the owner from those of their fellow dogs, and often do not even differentiate them at all. In fact, when the criminals surrendered, the dog that had previously barked at the officers also surrendered by lying on its back next to its master while showing its stomach, this is considered in the dog world as a sign of surrender, because its soft stomach is not protected, but is instead shown.

( source : www.wikipedia.org ) 

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